About Us

A Family Company

Our company is a family company, in the most literal sense. It all started when our daughter came home from Israel with a newfound fervor for baking. She had discovered some of her family recipes for Challah baking. After weeks of experimenting in the kitchen, the rest of the family became involved, throwing in suggestions and ingredients.

Soon enough, Shabbos guests were asking for thirds and marveling at the incredible tasting Challah on their plates. That was when we realized we had something special.

We decided to expand our Challah from just our table to the tables of our neighbors and friends. Luckily, Grandpa had a big mixer and what started as a Friday family activity became a week long project.

It is not just our job, it's our family time. It's an experience we want to share with others, which is why we leave the last and most important step to you and your family.