How it Works


Your Challah will be braided and carefully packaged when it arrives at your home. You'll find that the dough is wrapped in baking paper. Simply fold baking paper and place Challah on top.

Let Rise

Let your challah rise while you leave the house or overnight. Coat your Challah with egg for a crispy, glossy crust and customize your Challah with whatever toppings your family enjoys! Sesame, poppy, salt, brown sugar & cinnamon, or sunflower seeds.


Follow baking instructions on package and  enjoy as your home fills with the delicious scent of fresh Challah. 

It's Simple! See for yourself!

Our Dough

Our dough is made of all natural ingredients with no added preservatives. 

Each Challah grows to be a large Challah. 

We also offer packages of six rolls each.

Try All Our Flavors!

Whole Wheat

Chocolate Chip