Welcome to Miracle Challah

by Your Chef Naturally,LLC


Do you want the sweet smell and taste of homemade challah to fill your home every shabbos but lack the time and energy to make it?

Our Miracle Challah is homemade without the hassle! The hard and messy work is done for you but you still get to be part of the process and reap the rewards of of perfect golden brown challah!

Do you like doughy challah or do you prefer crispy?

Bake it to your preference and inhale the unparalleled scent of Challah in your own home.

Every shabbos, Your Chef Naturally provides you with the opportunity to indulge in heavenly Challah that you can call your own.

How it works


Kosher & More

Star K

Tartikov Ruv Rabbi Babad

Kemach Yoshon

Challah is Taken

Challah is taken (Hafrashat Challah) and a blessing is recited on every batch of dough. 

Please feel free to e-mail us names of individuals that need special prayers and we will include them when we recite the blessing.


Product does not contain meat, milk, or their derivatives.

Pas Yisroel


Product is Frozen Raw Dough

Do Not Eat Raw Dough Until Baked

Nut Free Facility

Nut and peanut free facility. 

May contain sesame seeds.